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Amazon smile logoDo you shop on Amazon? The good news is the Seidel Chapter is enrolled in the Amazon Smile Program. Amazon Smile allows you to help us fund all our education programs. If you would like to help to provide funds for the Seidel Chapter Education programs that are so meaningful to our young people, please sign up with the Amazon Smile Program. It does not cost you a dime.

First of all, you need to have an Amazon account. Go to to establish an account. Then, to register your account with the Seidel Chapter Amazon Smile Program, click on the following link This will open a link to the Amazon Smile website, and ask you if you would like to have "Air Force Association" as your charity. If you click, "Yes", from then on, any time you sign in to, any purchase you make will automatically allow ½% of the purchase amount to be credited to the Seidel Chapter account. It is important to note that, even though you have registered your account to be linked to our charity, you must sign on to the website. If you simply continue to sign on to, we will not receive anything. The easiest way to ensure you are always signed on to Amazon Smile is to copy this address ( and enter it into the address on your internet browser. Make it one of your Favorites on your computer. Please send this link above to all your friends, relatives, and business associates, and ask them to register their Amazon account through the link, AND to remember to sign on to<top>

Tom Thumb logoYou can help provide funds for our youth education programs by using your Tom Thumb Reward Cards. All you need to do is GO to the Tom Thumb Service Desk and designate the AFA Aerospace Education as your charity of choice by completing a Tom Thumb order form. Our chapter's number for the form is 6568. After you register as a supporter of the AFA Aerospace Education Fund, Tom Thumb will pay 1% of your purchases to the fund. Remember, by participating in the Amazon Smile or Tom Thumb Reward Cards programs, you are making an investment in our young people AND it cost you nothing but a little bit of your time. <top>



We appreciate and enjoy donations from individuals and businesses, alike. You may pick your own donation amount. We suggest $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100; you may certainly donate any amount you choose. Checks may be mailed to:

Seidel Chapter Air Force Association
c/o Bob Gehbauer
6616 Bermuda Dunes Drive
Plano, TX 75093

By clicking on the PayPal link, below, you can donate electronically. A PayPal account is not required. All major credit cards are accepted.

For additional information, please e-mail Bob Gehbauer. <top>



The Executive Committee of the Seidel Chapter, at its January 2012 meeting, approved the launch of a new program in which corporations will be afforded the opportunity to support and allow expansion of the many educational programs conducted by the Air Force Association in the Dallas and Collin county areas.

Corporations will be able to participate in the program at one of three levels.

Depending on the success of this program, we hope to be able to expand greatly the programs supporting the youth of our area — scholarships, youth leadership conferences, etc. We also believe by giving firms in our area the opportunity to advertise in our newsletters, they will reap recognition and support throughout our membership, and to the almost 1,000 recipients of the newsletters.

Pay electronically (credit card or PayPal account) using the instructions below the "Pay Now" button, or by check. The application (PDF - Free Adobe Reader required) must be completely filled in and sent to the address in the application footer(includes remittance information), whether you pay electronically or by check. You may also print, sign, scan, then e-mail (preferred) the completed application to .

Corporate Sponsor Options

Electronic Purchase Instructions:
Choose a selection from the drop-down menu, click on it, click on the "Pay Now" button (opens the PayPal window), click on the appropriate level, then check out using your choice of payment.

When your transaction is complete, you should receive an e-mail containing details of your purchase. If you do not see it in your INBOX, look in your SPAM folder. Please retain this e-mail for your records.

If you desire more information, please contact our Vice President for Community Partners, e-mail or call him at 469-571-2602.


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