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AFA Honor Flag Program

The Seidel Chapter of the Air Force Association invites you to join your friends and neighbors in displaying the American flag on five major holidays: Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day.

The Flag Program gives Plano residents in the Deerfield, Hills of Prestonwood, and Fountain Creek subdivisions an opportunity to show their pride and love for our country. It demonstrates Plano's great patriotic spirit and at the same time, helps so many people in our city and surrounding communities. Additional information can be found in the PDF brochure.

The easiest way to enroll in the program is to click on the Buy Now button, below, and select the proper (based on today's date) price breakdown that applies to you, initial (based on today's date) or renewal. Please select the correct level, based on today's date.

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The subscription price breakdown is as follows:

Initial (1st-Timers)
$50 Prior to 10 Feb Covers all 5 Holidays
$43 From 11 Feb to 15 May Covers Memorial Day thru Veterans Day
$36 From 16 May to 20 Jun Covers Independence Day thru Veterans Day
$29 From 21 Jun to 20 Aug Covers Labor Day and Veterans Day
$57 From 21 Aug to 01 Nov Covers Veterans Day, plus the following year (5 Holidays)
Flag Program - Initial (1st-Timers)
Contact Phone #

Renewals Only
$40 2017 - Prior to 10 Feb Covers all 5 Holidays

Flag Program - Renewals Only
Contact Phone # (ex. 123-456-7890)

You may also send a check, payable to Seidel Chapter AFA, for the appropriate amount to

Seidel Chapter Air Force Association
c/o Joe Sommers
2125 Bunker Hill Cir.
Plano, TX 75075

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Sommers, 214-538-0742.


Corporate Sponsor

The Executive Committee of the Seidel Chapter, at its January 2012 meeting, approved the launch of a new program in which corporations will be afforded the opportunity to support and allow expansion of the many educational programs conducted by the Air Force Association in the Dallas and Collin county areas.

Corporations will be able to participate in the program at one of three levels.

  • The first level of support is one that has existed for many years, and is run by the National AFA body — it is called Community Partners. In order to become a Community Partner (CP), corporations (or even many individuals) complete a CP application. The cost for the CP program is $90 per year; half of the fee goes to support educational programs at the National level, and the other half remains in our local treasury. As a CP, the organization or individual will receive one annual membership in AFA, and all the benefits that accrue to any other member; in addition, the CP will receive a nice wooden plaque, and an 8½” x 11” sign to post on the business’ door that says, “Our Business Supports Our Troops”; finally, the firm will be allowed to post a business card-sized ad, which will run in four quarterly chapter newsletters.
  • The second level of support we are terming an Industry Sponsor (IS). In addition to automatically becoming a CP, the Industry Sponsor would sponsor a table at one quarterly chapter meeting. The firm could send up to six individuals (employees, spouses, or guests), and on a first-come, first-served basis, one member of the group would have a seat at the head table with the speaker or honored guest for the event. The firm would of course be recognized as an IS at the meeting; in addition, the firm would be allowed to post a quarter page-size ad in one quarterly newsletter. The cost for the IS is $350 per quarterly event.
  • The third level of support we are naming a Premier Industry Sponsor (PIS) is similar to the IS, except PIS participation will allow the firm to sponsor a table with 6 seats for four quarterly events, and would allow the firm to have a half page ad in four quarterly newsletters. The cost of the PIS is $1,000.

Depending on the success of this program, we hope to be able to expand greatly the programs supporting the youth of our area — scholarships, youth leadership conferences, etc. We also believe by giving firms in our area the opportunity to advertise in our newsletters, they will reap recognition and support throughout our membership, and to the almost 1,000 recipients of the newsletters.

Pay electronically (credit card or PayPal account) using the instructions below the "Pay Now" button, or by check. The application (PDF - Free Adobe Reader required) must be completely filled in and sent to the address in the application footer(includes remittance information), whether you pay electronically or by check. You may also print, sign, scan, then e-mail (preferred) the completed application to

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Corporate Sponsor Options

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When your transaction is complete, you should receive an e-mail containing details of your purchase. If you do not see it in your INBOX, look in your SPAM folder. Please retain this e-mail for your records.

If you desire more information, please contact our Vice President for Community Partners,

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or call him @ 214-728-0017.



We appreciate and enjoy donations from individuals and businesses, alike. You may pick your own donation amount. We suggest $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100; you may certainly donate any amount you choose. Checks may be mailed to

Seidel Chapter Air Force Association
c/o Ron Morrissette
2601 Ivanridge Lane
Garland, TX 75044

By clicking on the PayPal link, below, you can donate electronically. A PayPal account is not required. All major credit cards are accepted.

For additional information, please contact
Bob Gehbauer - 972-897-4342