Our mission is to provide motivation for young people to understand the need for a strong aerospace force component of our national defense posture. Scholarships and financial support are provided to allow our youth to participate in aerospace programs in which they might not otherwise be able to participate. Providing these awards and scholarships requires funds. The Dallas Aerospace Education Foundation of the Sam Johnson Chapter 232 that supports these programs is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are fully deductible. Contributions should be sent to Mr. Ric Hamer, at 1965 Remington Lane, Frisco, TX 75033. Feel free to contact Ric at 214-500-0951 or by e-mailing Ric Hamer. Any amount is valuable and appreciated.


Civil Air Patrol Cadets are required to learn the physics of flight, how engines and aircraft systems work, how to read aeronautical charts, air power history, etc. in order to be promoted. Special summer academies are available for CAP Cadets to receive flight instruction in either gliders or powered aircraft. These are intense encampments where they attend ground school half the day and fly the other half with Certified Flight Instructors with a goal to fly solo. The Sam Johnson Chapter provides financial assistance to CAP Cadets attending the Flight Academies.

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