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Military History Book Discussion
Sept 15, 2022
7:50 AM

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Prestonwood Creek CC
15909 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX

The General vs. The President: Macarthur and Truman at the Brink of Nuclear War

by H. W. Brands

Moderator: Tom Ingram
Pro: John Caldwell
Con: Tres Fife

At the height of the Korean War, President Harry S. Truman committed a gaffe that sent shock waves around the world, when he suggested that General Douglas MacArthur, the willful, fearless, and highly decorated commander of the American and U.N. forces, had his finger on the nuclear trigger. At a time when the Soviets, too, had the bomb, the specter of a catastrophic third World War lurked menacingly close on the horizon. A correction quickly followed, but the damage was done; two visions for America’s path forward were clearly in opposition, and one man would have to make way.

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