Our mission is to provide motivation for young people to understand the need for a strong aerospace force component of our national defense posture. Scholarships and financial support are provided to allow our youth to participate in aerospace programs in which they might not otherwise be able to participate. Providing these awards and scholarships requires funds. The Dallas Aerospace Education Foundation of the Sam Johnson Chapter 232 that supports these programs is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are fully deductible. Contributions should be sent to Mr. Ric Hamer, at 1965 Remington Lane, Frisco, TX 75033. Feel free to contact Ric at 214-500-0951 or by e-mailing Ric Hamer. Any amount is valuable and appreciated.


The purpose of the program is to recognize classroom teachers at the chapter and state level for their accomplishments and achievements in exciting K-12 students about science and math (STEM) and preparing them to use and contribute to tomorrow's technologies. This is a unique opportunity to reward special teachers who are furthering excellence and making coming to class an adventure. The winner of our chapter contest receives a cash award, and is entered into competition at the State level, where a larger cash award can be earned, and the winner at that level is entered into an AFA National Teacher of the Year contest. If you wish to nominate a teacher contact Ric Hamer at 214-500-0951 or by e-mailing Ric Hamer.

2024 Winner
David Ben-Yaakov / Allen ISD STEAM Center, Allen, Texas

David Ben-Yaakov, with over thirty years of extensive experience in computer science, cloud technologies, and a robust educational background, has been a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the STEM field, particularly within the educational sector. His illustrious career, marked by a blend of technical prowess and pedagogical commitment, has significantly impacted aspiring engineers and students, fostering a culture of creativity, problem-solving, and cybersecurity awareness. 

At the Allen ISD STEAM Center in Texas, where he has been serving as a Texas-Certified Computer Science Teacher since November 2017, Ben-Yaakov has made remarkable strides in advancing STEM education. His dedication to teaching and curriculum development is evident in his ability to more than double the enrollment in advanced computer science courses, reflecting not just his skill as an educator but also his capacity to ignite a passion for STEM among students. 

Under his tutelage, students have achieved notable success, such as the creation of three winning software teams invited to the NASA Hunch finals in 2024, demonstrating Ben-Yaakov's exceptional mentorship and the high-caliber opportunities he provides his students. His initiative to launch the Linux Pro+ Certification the same year, alongside maintaining Allen's participation in the Air & Space Forces Associations’ CyberPatriot Program with the team reaching national finals consistently, underscores his commitment to providing students with real-world, applicable skills and experiences. 

Ben-Yaakov's recognition as the CTE Teacher Spotlight in 2024 and his award of the Bell Ringer Award in 2021-2022 for Dedication and Innovation further testify to his outstanding contributions to STEM education. His efforts have not only enhanced students' technical skills but have also instilled in them a sense of responsibility and innovation, preparing them to tackle the challenges of the future. 

His career is a testament to the profound impact an educator can have on the field of STEM. Through his dedication to teaching, mentorship, and innovation, he has not only advanced the technical competencies of his students but has also inspired them to pursue careers in STEM, ensuring a brighter future for the next generation of engineers. His work exemplifies the profound influence that committed and passionate educators can have on their students, the field of STEM education, and society at large.