Congressman Sam Johnson
“Air Force Junior ROTC Scholarships”

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

The Seidel Chapter provides a $1000 college scholarship to each of the outstanding AFJROTC graduates from the eleven high schools in our area which offer AFJROTC programs, and who intend to enroll in ROTC in college. In recognition of the lifetime of service that Congressman (USAF Colonel, Ret) Sam Johnson gave to his country and his membership in the Seidel Chapter, the scholarships are named the

AFA Seidel Chapter Sam Johnson AFROTC Scholarships

2023 Scholarship Winners

Cadet Trey Hallan
Wylie East High School – Det 20093
$6,000 Scholarship Recipient

Cadet Randolph Scott, IV

Wylie High School, TX - Det 2000010

$1,000 Scholarship Recipient

Cadet Elva Chen
Billy Ryan High School – Det 093
$1,000 Scholarship Recipient

Cadet Emily Kaslik
Marcus High School – Det 881
$1,000 Scholarship Recipient

Cadet Garrett Worden
Keller High School – Det 20055
$1,000 Scholarship Recipient

Cadet Blane Duplissey
Forney High School - 20081
$1,000 Scholarship Recipient

Cadet Kaelan Payne
Flower Mound High School - 20011
$1,000 Scholarship Recipient

One graduate from each of the eleven high schools is selected by their AFJROTC instructors to receive a $1000 scholarship. Each student is then asked to submit an application which is judged by a panel of Seidel Chapter members for selection for an additional $5000 scholarship.

Eligible High Schools:

  • Billy Ryan High School
  • Cedar Hill High School
  • Corsicana High School
  • Flower Mound High School
  • Forney High School
  • Marcus High School
  • Rowlett High School
  • Wylie High School
  • Wylie East High School
  • Keller Central High School
  • John D. Guyer High School

Selected cadets will be recognized for their individual achievements at their high school awards convocation and the selected scholarship winner award will be sent directly to the scholarship office at the cadet’s university; once enrollment is verified and they have enrolled in the ROTC detachment; the scholarship will be deposited in their account.

For additional details or questions regarding the scholarship program, contact:
the Seidel Chapter Scholarship VP, Bill Harding

2023 AFA Seidel Chapter Sam Johnson AFROTC Scholarship Award Winner

Is Cadet Treyden Hallan

AFJROTC Detachment TX-20093
Wylie East High School

Paul Hendricks, National Director from the Air & Space Forces Association and a Seidel Chapter member presented Cadet Hallan with a $6,000 scholarship at the Wylie East JROTC “Dinning Out”.